Portrait of Kieran at Xceed Sports & Rehab

Kieran Pink

Massage Therapist

Kieran has recently realised his passion for physical therapies. He has trained to employ Remedial, Sports, Pregnancy and Relaxation techniques to work towards improving your health, reducing pain and enhancing recovery.

Everybody wants to feel pain free and mobile, and we all need some help relaxing from time to time. As a professional Remedial Therapist, Kieran is able to help you with a range of conditions involving muscle & tissue recovery. Employing the latest techniques and a high level of care to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.

As a healthcare professional, he will treat you with the utmost care and respect. He can also assist you with techniques for self care in order for you to gain the most benefit from treatments.

Kieran is a follower of Baseball, enjoys board games and painting. He has a quiet, confident and friendly approach to his work and lives to be challenged.