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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy involves the management of incontinence, pelvic muscle weakness, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction...

While more common than anyone would like to think, pelvic floor issues affect both men and women across the lifespan. From bedwetting in later childhood, to incontinence in middle and later years; as well as pelvic pain at rest and with intercourse, and a myriad of conditions that impact on the pelvic organs - including prolapse, cervical cancer, and endometriosis in women, and orchalgia, prostatitis, and prostate cancer in men.

Physiotherapy for pelvic floor conditions routinely involve improving your awareness of the pelvic muscles, and how and when they should work. In some cases the muscles are overactive (as in overactive bladder syndrome and vaginismus), and in other cases underactive or otherwise have difficulty working when under stress (full bladder, emotional stress, physical exertion with exercise). Exercise is the foundation of rehabilitation of the pelvic floor in all its forms - strengthening, relaxation, and co-ordination.

Seeking help for pelvic floor-related conditions can be daunting, so we welcome having a support person or partner present during the initial consultation as Mason discusses contributing factors to what’s been happening and how we can help you recover. Depending on the nature of your presentation, an internal examination may be required to better understand the “how” and “why” of your concern. This will be discussed with you in the clinic, and alternative assessment strategies can be devised if you are not comfortable with an internal examination in the initial consultation.

If you are experiencing pelvic floor issues day-to-day at rest, in bed, or playing sports; or if you are experiencing pelvic or deep abdominal and groin pain, book in with Mason using the link below, including a brief description of what’s been happening in the appointment notes.

Woman receiving a belly massage in a physiotherapy center
Woman receiving a belly massage in a physiotherapy center


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