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Sports Performance

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Performance Physiotherapy involves sport-specific training to overcome mental and physical barriers...

If there’s one thing athletes hate to do, but still do more frequently than they’d like, is get injured. Injury in sports, despite allowing for healing and returning to the field, can often limit how far athletes can get in their career afterwards unless they have the right tools under their belt, and sound advice from their sports medicine team.

Sports performance physiotherapy exists both in and out of the presence of injury. While many athletes seek physiotherapy advice when they are injured to help recover their movement, strength, agility, and sport-specific skills; physiotherapy is also used in the uninjured athlete to optimise your performance - be it your biomechanics when they lift, run, throw, or tackle; or how you recover after their sport, including mobility and flexibility drills to maintain joint and muscle health after extreme efforts.

In high performance athletes, psychological barriers can develop both in the presence or absence of physical injury, with mental blocks stopping them from moving faster, lifting heavier, or being more confident in your participation. Sports physiotherapy can include mental training in the athletic setting to assist with visualisation, body awareness, performance habits and rituals, and overall improving mental and physical drive.

If you’re trying to recover from acute or recurrent injury, have plateaued in your performance, or feel like you are missing something in your training or recovery programme, book in with Mason using the link below, including a brief description of what’s been happening in the appointment notes.

Sport medicine
Sport medicine


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