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Pain Management

Learn how to properly deal with pain

Understanding the mind-body experience of pain...

While everyone has experienced a painful injury at some point or another – a sprained ankle, a twinged muscle – the idea of “pain” as a diagnosis is still relatively new and still emerging in both medical and physiotherapy. Pain Physiotherapy looks at both the physical and non-physical contributing factors to painful conditions, including Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Amputations and Burns, Facetogenic Back Pain, and many others; and finds ways to both work around and work through pain.

Pain conditions may not fully recover or reverse, however minimising the impact of pain on day-to-day functioning is one of the greatest things we can achieve, through de-escalating fear of movement and expectations of pain, energy conservation strategies, coping strategies, use of both hands-on and hands-off techniques to minimise tactile sensitivities, and encouraging movement through to help the body restore a sense of normality with both basic exercise and progressing to more complex movements and strengthening as the mind-body connection becomes more resilient. While the pain may not fully go away, increasing tolerance without the pain increasing, or reducing how much you notice the pain are the next best options in some cases.

If you or a loved one have been experiencing persistent pain with or without a diagnosis, have a chat to Mason in the clinic and we can discuss management strategies moving forward. With established relationships with many of the Hunter Valley’s pain physicians, Mason works closely with neurologists and neuro-diagnosticians, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, and psychologists to make sure that from top-to-toe, you’re on the same page to get back to regular life.

Learning to deal with neck and shoulder pain
Learning to deal with neck and shoulder pain


Every encounter with the Xceed Team should be an experience for both parties, helping you while we use each person to further our knowledge and abilities


Our rehabilitation methods aim to facilitate getting you back to your best faster than what the body will on its own


Seeing you get more mobile, strong, and pain-free is our topmost priority – we strive to see every patient XCEED their ideas of rehabilitation

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