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Hand Therapy

Lending a Helping Hand to Maitland & Newcastle’s Hands

Hand Therapy is an extended scope of physiotherapy...

The hand is the most dextrous part of the body, and is used with nearly every day-to-day task, from driving to cooking, and from typing to throwing. Injuries to the hand often come at a temporary cost of functionality of the hand in addition to pain, swelling, or weakness. Hand therapy is a niche area of physiotherapy that looks into the biomechanics, functionality, and usability of the hand following injury or when pain is present, and optimising recovery through manual techniques and tailored exercise prescription.

Hand Therapy encompasses many conditions affecting the hand, including:

In hand therapy, function is paramount, and being able to accurately diagnose and promptly treat hand conditions is crucial in establishing use of the hand quickly. This involves assessment of movement, strength, co-ordination, and dexterity, and relating it back to how you normally use the hand. Mason will use this information to develop strategies both in-clinic and for his patients to perform at home to get back to doing everything at home, work, sport, and socially.

If you have an issue affecting your hands and how you can do day-to-day tasks, book in with Mason using the link below, including a brief description of what’s been happening in the appointment notes.

Young woman getting hand massage in therapy room
Young woman getting hand massage in therapy room


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