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Dry Needling

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Dry needling assists with pain relief and restoring movement...

Using a needle similar to that in acupuncture, Dry Needling is the stimulation of muscle fibres by inserting a thin needle into the belly or tendon. Useful in managing pain for an assortment of muscle issues, including tightness, and both overactivity and underactivity-associated movement dysfunction. Dry Needling can also be used as part of treatment to stimulate muscle impacted by stroke, and down-train other muscles that are overshadowing underactive groups.

Both our therapists are qualified Dry Needlers, with Lachlan able to needle most major muscle groups in the body – the chest, shoulder, back, buttocks, and leg. Mason can in addition needle the face, neck (excluding the neck flexors), hands and feet, groin, pelvis, and abdomen. Proper administration and hygiene practices are always exhibited during needling for our clients’ and our own safety.

While the risks of Dry Needling are minimal, it is important to let your therapist know about the following, as there are some contra-indications and risks associated with the following demographics:

If you have an issue that you think may benefit from dry needling, or if you have had it before and found good effect in managing your pain, click below to book in with Lachlan or Mason at their respective clinic.

Hands of physiotherapist doing a dry needling
Hands of physiotherapist doing a dry needling


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