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Dance in all its forms requires years of commitment, and an abundance of strength, co-ordination, and balance. The volume of practice, routines, and recitals can sometimes lead to overuse conditions and aches and pains – or can arise from compensatory movement patterns to make up for reduced flexibility or strength elsewhere. Physiotherapy for the dancer involves assessment of the dancer performing techniques and positions familiar to their dance style, as well as their mobility, flexibility, motor control, and strength; relating it back to their pain or limitation to help return back to the stage through a combination of both hands-on and exercise-based rehabilitation.

In addition to treating injuries, Mason is also familiar with dance proficiency and pre-pointe requirements, having performed pointe assessments for dance academies across the Hunter Valley over the past five years. For ballet dancers advancing from “intermediate foundations”, as well as tap, jazz, and contemporary dancers rising through the ranks, proficiency and suitability assessments can be performed to determine if any skills need to be refined, or strength needs to be homed in on before they progress to the next stage of their dance pathway.

If you’re finding yourself getting consistently sore during practice and routines, having trouble recovering, or are in need of a proficiency assessment performed, contact us or book an appointment with Mason below

Dancer receiving physiotherapy on foot
Dancer receiving physiotherapy on foot


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